Vote Safely Iowa: Your 5-Step Voter’s Guide During COVID-19

The upcoming General Election (November 3, 2020) will likely take place before a vaccine is found for the COVID-19 virus. Adults over the age of 60 remain in the highest risk group to have a serious illness due to the virus. In Iowa, with over 70% of individuals over the age of 60 registered to vote, we want to ensure older Iowans and their family caregivers remain safe while voting. The safest option? Vote-by-mail!

The Iowa Secretary of State has been given permission by the legislative council to provide every registered voter in Iowa with a mail-in ballot (also known as an absentee ballot) during the pandemic. This decision is good news for Iowans who should continue limiting their exposure to the virus. We encourage all Iowans to consider using the mail-in ballot option as the safest way to vote. Since most voters do not use the mail-in ballot option, we are providing a downloadable step-by-step guide to obtain and submit your ballot through the mail. Below is the information you will find in the guide. When you download the document, you will be able to click on links within the document to take you directly to the Iowa Secretary of State’s office so that you can safely vote.

Click the “Download” button to get the Vote Safely step-by-guide.

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